Day Three, Looking Good

I’m about seventy hours into my self-imposed exile from other St Blogger comment boxes, and I have to tell you all:

It feels darn good.

I’ve still had my share of laughs on big fish websites as conservative Catholics tear the Catechism to pieces over Katelyn Sills and gay movies. The issues, I guess, that won’t die.

I did have one reader who entreated me to reconsider, if for nothing else than to keep promoting the CS web site. Tempting, I must admit. The suggestion was that I should comment once per thread as “Catholic Sensibility” and duck out. I dunno … what do the rest of you think?

Rock shut down his commentariat a few days ago, but his delivery is still as snappy as ever. (Check out the goods on gays in the military… I mean seminary.) Jcecil takes some flak for stating he’s not going to take any “crap” on his web site. But I think our beloved crunchy-con Catholics (ccc, small case, unlike the Catechism) deserve the holiday weekend to avoid the virtue of gratitude and instead tell anyone who bothers to read what horrible people gays are, especially those heading into the seminary, and it’s too bad that liberal refugee from the 60’s had to become pope anyway.

There is life after comment boxes: I’ve seen Harry Potter 4, spent two nights and five Masses at the parish, finished one book, started another (reviewed here), and made two terrific dinners for my family.

Off to a tri-state tour Thursday after morning Mass. Hoping to catch some hockey and talk turkey with my long-lost brother and his family. And speaking of dinners, time to check on the kitchen.

Bon appetit, full speed ahead, or whatever your motto of the night may be.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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