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Dignitatis Humanae 4

Dignitatis Humanae 4 begins: The freedom or immunity from coercion in matters religious which is the endowment of persons as individuals is also to be recognized as their right when they act in community. Religious communities are a requirement of … Continue reading

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Naming of Planets and Moons

By the way, this site has a mostly complete summary of the various meanings of the names of planets and moons. My favorite naming convention involves the moons of Uranus: characters from Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. Most moons were named … Continue reading

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Rhea in Sight

The intrepid Cassini probe has a major encounter with the moon Rhea Friday. It looks rather like our own moon with some white streaks, but don’t be fooled: this baby is two-thirds ice. Two Rheas side by side would just … Continue reading

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“Our bishops have nothing to say to us. And they know it.”

The last line from an NCR editorial this week. More deliberately than ever they are turning inward to problems of no interest to the wider world and of little interest to most of the faithful from whom they continue to … Continue reading

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Much Ado …

Vatican on homosexual priests: not too much to say. Meaning both the Vatican and me, by the way. Three years of chastity wouldn’t be a bad hurdle for heterosexual men either. Giving up subscriptions to Maxim, not peeking at Victoria’s … Continue reading

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