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Juste et Pie

Juste et pie vivamus, exspectantes beatam spem, et adventum Domini Advertisements

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The Narrow Gate

I’ve been troubled for some time about how narrow the gate is to be a “good” Roman Catholic. Now, I know that Jesus too advocated a narrow gate, but I’m worried that His criteria and ours might not be exactly … Continue reading

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Annulments: Too Many or Not Enough

David raises the issue that perturbs so many so-called orthodox Catholics. He says: It would be interesting to hear from any number of parish priests and canonists on this subject — you know, people who actually know what the hell … Continue reading

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DH 6: The Role of Government

Dignitatis Humanae 6 treats the role of government: Since the common welfare of society consists in the entirety of those conditions of social life under which (people) enjoy the possibility of achieving their own perfection in a certain fullness of … Continue reading

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Dignitatis Humanae 5: Parents

DH 5 opens by stating: The family, since it is a society in its own original right, has the right freely to live its own domestic religious life under the guidance of parents. Interesting that this came up today. I … Continue reading

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