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More Moons

Polydeuces shares an orbit with Dione. It’s a small fry as far as known moons go: only about 13 by 8 miles. Here it is with the rings edge-on in the background: Here we have a shot of Hyperion. In … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

I just wanted to remind you that I’ll be back to dissecting Vatican II chapter by chapter next week. On deck is Gaudium et Spes, the second of the council’s constitutions on the Church. I don’t plan to get sidetracked … Continue reading

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Communal Reconciliation In Rome

Rock has the news: the Pope has authorized the use of form II reconciliation for St Peter’s on Tuesday night of Holy Week. Any new sedevacantist popes on the schismometer yet?

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Small Change

  The US Mint also produced three-cent coins for four decades starting in 1851. Two versions overlapped in production: a very teeny one in silver: If memory serves, this was the first US Mint issue not featuring the goddess of … Continue reading

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Vacation Over

Heading to my office for the first time in five days. I have no idea what piles of messages will be there. I have the afternoon to catch up on them, assess the mess ahead this weekend. (I don’t schedule … Continue reading

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On Liturgical Innovation

I give him credit for trying. Fr Murphy, our diocesan vicar-general, is in residence at the parish. At the two Christmas Masses at which we overlapped, he prefaced reciting the Creed with the instruction to pause and genuflect at the … Continue reading

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Some Kind of Sandwich

We’re not big bread eaters. But we did get four loaves of various kinds for Christmas, so I feel honor-bound to consume them before the ambassadors from Kingdom Fungi do, so … It’s not a very original recipe, but Brittany … Continue reading

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My Two Cents’ Worth

Many people don’t know that the US actually minted two-cent coins. They were in production for ten years, ending in 1873.I own six of the series, 1864-68 and ’71. They’ve long been one of my favorite coins: they’re copper, not … Continue reading

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Find the Planets

2006 guide to finding the planets in the sky. Mercury: Venus: Mars: Jupiter: Saturn: Uranus: Neptune: Needless to say, if your backyard telescope is seeing with this detail, invite me over; I’ll bring the food, the beer, and a fistful … Continue reading

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Telling the Story

Tough week for the child: switching beds from loft to floor (She misses getting tucked in.) meant everything in her “den” had to find a new place: closet, bed drawers, whatever. She had three shopping carts of things to donate … Continue reading

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Wise As Sheep

I seem to have been sucked into some political tide pool today. Have mercy. I was thinking about the PPC lament, “Why do those anti-Catholic bigots say we don’t care about anybody?” We have a problem with perception and PR … Continue reading

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More Fallout from Garrison vs the Pope

I’m taking Brigid’s good advice and limiting my posts to one* on other people’s blog threads, but I’m not above bringing a goodie back here to talk turkey on my own terms. An open book commenter mused: Todd: If I … Continue reading

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Desert Monks (for the End of the Year)

I haven’t had much internet access lately. I suppose, though, that I can give you one more post for the end of the year, which raises the frightening possibility of an “end of the year” post. I doubt that anyone … Continue reading

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“Dad, I’m Upside Down! Get Me Outta Here”

Dale reports an alarmingly familiar adventure. I remember my brother’s first visit to Iowa, long years ago, when the Bucs still inhabited the NFC Norris. Anita and I had just moved into our first home and my bro was in … Continue reading

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Poor Persecuted Catholics

Another great moniker to go along with SCGS … PPC It should really be titled Keillor versus Irate Catholic Listener, because I don’t really think this kind of give-and-take is on Benedict’s event horizon as pope. Painting Garrison Keillor as … Continue reading

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