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Love Without Limits

This is a translation of part of the Orthodox priest Lev Gillet’s 1971 book Amour Sans Limites. You can read a little more here. And you can learn more about Father Lev Gillet (1893-1980) here. I am your Lord, the … Continue reading

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The Church Has Many Problems

And how do we solve them? I’d like to continue to suggest that the answer lies less with our conventional schemes of self and ecclesial improvement, which, insightful and brilliant though they may be, still leave us subject to the … Continue reading

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Don’t Wish Me Merry Christmas … Yet

The Catholic Commentariat at open book getting all fussed about nothing. Again. A high school offers wishes for Happy Holidays. Fine by me. George sensibly comments about Jerry Falwell’s foray into the dismay. It’s not Christmas until sundown of December … Continue reading

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Star Light, Star Bright, Woman Hit by a Meteorite

My friend Tom passed this on to me (including the headline): On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges, a 31-year-old resident of tiny Sylacauga, Alabama, was taking an early-afternoon nap on her living room couch when an eight-and-a-half-pound chunk of rock … Continue reading

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Planets of a Brown Dwarf

The Spitzer Space Telescope has found a dust disk orbiting a brown dwarf. The BD is about eight times the mass of Jupiter, and about half the size of the largest discovered planet. Brown dwarfs are celestial bodies (sidus, in … Continue reading

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DT 13: The Freedom of the Church

Dignitatis Humanae 13 speaks of this being a “sacred freedom,” a “fundamental principle” in all relations between Church and state. This freedom is claimed on spiritual authority, “established by Christ the Lord, upon which there rests, by divine mandate, the … Continue reading

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DH 12: The Leaven of the Gospel is Quiet Work

Dignitatis Humanae 12 in whole: In faithfulness therefore to the truth of the Gospel, the Church is following the way of Christ and the apostles when she recognizes and gives support to the principle of religious freedom as befitting the … Continue reading

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