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The Problem With Being A Critic

… is that sometimes you can’t demonstrate that which is above criticism. Robert Skeris’ fifteen-year-old theme on contemporary hymns I found linked at Fr Jeff’s site is fatally flawed. Why? His premise is building up by subtraction. Take it to … Continue reading

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Super-Size That House, Please–Not!

Chet Raymo’s two-part post (29 & 30 Nov) on McMansions: well worth reading, including the links. Personally, I’m happy enough in a 50’s-built ranch, despite a garage on the side. At least it doesn’t cover up the front of the … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Upset About Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Amy asks, “Is the Speakers’ Bureau really that small?” I suspect it’s a matter of perspective. Thousands of Catholic speeches are given every day. A small minority happen to be given by the personally opposed crowd. Some of those catch … Continue reading

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Only Noticed When …

In the spectrum of belief on the Iraq War, there are the obvious hawks and doves plus critters in between. Then there is the spectrum of people willing to do something about their beliefs, ranging from those who sacrifice safety … Continue reading

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Brains and Beauty

Elizabeth Lev has a good piece on Zenit dated 2005-12-01 (it’s the fourth from the top). I can’t figure out how to link individual stories there, and after putzing around for five minutes, the best I can say is to … Continue reading

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