Super-Size That House, Please–Not!

Chet Raymo’s two-part post (29 & 30 Nov) on McMansions: well worth reading, including the links. Personally, I’m happy enough in a 50’s-built ranch, despite a garage on the side. At least it doesn’t cover up the front of the house.

In Waterloo, we had a great house. Garage was in the back yard, accessible from the alley. Out of sight; the way it should be. I still mourn selling that house. If we had stayed in Waterloo, we never would’ve adopted Brittany, so I’m not looking back. Except it would be nice to live in another house like that some day.

I’m not a fan of size in houses, though it would be tempting to have a single room devoted to music. Another as a library perhaps. But then again, Chet would say that’s what public libraries and concert halls are for. Which is, of course, on the agenda for the day.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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