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Don’t Look Now, But The Voice of God is Coming

“Overheard” in another commentariat: I loathe those ‘voice of God’ songs. I can’t really say why, compared with the propers, but they just make my skin crawl. Just a few official antiphons heading your way: 25 December: “The Lord said … Continue reading

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Stay Watchful As We Await the Kingdom of God

The following is from this week’s “Credo” column in the Times by the Rt Rev Geoffrey Rowell, the Anglican bishop of Gibraltar in Europe: I HAVE on my shelves a fascinating book with the title Yesterday’s Tomorrows. It is, as … Continue reading

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Trio Mediaeval

Took the women of the house to see Trio Mediaeval last night at the cathedral. The singing was sublime. Overheard behind us (we were up in the choir loft): I hope they use mics. Thankfully, they didn’t. Tone, diction, blend, … Continue reading

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Within Our Hearts Be Born (by Michael Joncas)

Frequent commenter Liam sends “a Flowerday(ing) of a contemporary Advent hymn, a recommendation for a contemporary Advent anthem, and a postscript. “I decided to meet the challenge of treating a work by one of the much-decried Minnesota Trinity of Haugen, … Continue reading

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