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Coming In For a Landing

Not really, but this close-up view of Rhea makes me think of it. Lots of new pics on the Cassini web site, especially on the press image page. Advertisements

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Incarnation: Celebrated At Conception or Birth?

Zenit‘s weekly liturgy Q&A often has some interesting little gems, like this week’s: Q: The opening prayer for Monday in the Second week of Advent asks: “prepare us to celebrate the incarnation of your son.” The Incarnation is celebrated March … Continue reading

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A Prayer for this Evening

An evening prayer for blessing during Advent, from Celtic Daily Prayer, The Northumbria Community, Collins, 2000 (hat tip: the Hopeful Imagination blog): God of the watching ones, give us Your benediction. God of the waiting ones, give us Your good … Continue reading

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OT 2: Fostering Vocations

Optatam Totius refers to this as an “urgent” task. Interesting considering the flush days of pre- and co-conciliar vocations, one might think. More likely is that astute Catholics knew that vocations had peaked in the forties, and had been in … Continue reading

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Off The Record

Bishop Finn on liturgy and music. It’s always interesting to talk with one’s bishop on one’s favorite topic. The gold leaf did not peel off the cathedral dome when the bishop joined me (and a dozen diocesan music committee members) … Continue reading

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Good Music Good, Bad Music Bad

On Zenit today: “Echoing the call of my beloved predecessor, I would like to encourage those who cultivate sacred music to continue this journey,” said Benedict XVI said. In particular, the Holy Father suggested that the Vatican congregation reflect “on … Continue reading

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Why You Should Go to Church on Christmas

I suppose that a few of you have already read the story in the Lexington Herald-Leader that reported, ‚ÄúSouthland Christian Church near Lexington, where more than 7,000 people worship each week, is one of several evangelical megachurches across the country … Continue reading

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