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Another Poem for Advent

Mosaic of the Nativity: Serbia, Winter 1993 — Jane Kenyon On the domed ceiling God is thinking: I made them my joy, and everything else I created I made to bless them. But see what they do! I know their … Continue reading

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OT 5: Seminary Leadership

Optatam Totius 5 begins by stating that good people and good leadership are even more important than “wise laws”: Since the training of students depends both on wise laws and, most of all, on qualified educators, the administrators and teachers … Continue reading

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OT 4: Major Seminaries

Optatam Totius 4 begins “Chapter 3” of the document, which deals with setting up major seminaries. Major seminaries are necessary for priestly formation. Here the entire training of the students should be oriented to the formation of true shepherds of … Continue reading

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Missing the Pull

Taffy-wise, sorry to have ducked out so completely yesterday. Snow day calling and all. After some med tests for my wife, I did have to get in for a meeting, a Mass, and a rehearsal last night. In the world … Continue reading

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