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Moons and More of the Moon

These two ice balls keep that F-ring in good shape out at Saturn. Prometheus is on the left and orbits outside the ring. Pandora is on the right, and if you look carefully, you can see a ripple on the … Continue reading

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More on Gays in the Seminary

A frequent visitor brought my attention to a fellow blogger’s essay and I couldn’t resist having a go. Most of the commentary (in the Cincinnati Enquirer) has been negative, with one essay, written by a Catholic school teacher, mocking the … Continue reading

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An Unfinished Letter from TaizĂ©

Brother Alois, the head of the community since the death of Brother Roger, writes, “The afternoon of the day he died, August 16th, Brother Roger called one of the brothers and said to him, ‘Note down these words carefully!’ There … Continue reading

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