Daily Archives: 17 December 2005

Another E-Endeavor

Several weeks ago, Nathan kindly invited me to be a regular contributor to Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. As my Grand Experiment (refraining from comment on other blogs) is going so well, I thought I could spend some productive time on the … Continue reading

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OT 8: Spiritual Training of Priests

Optatam Totius begins a new chapter with section 8, entitled “The Careful Development Of The Spiritual Training.” (It) should be closely connected with the doctrinal and pastoral, and, with the special help of the spiritual director, should be imparted in … Continue reading

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Space Out

A good bit of space news this week: NASA’s probe to Pluto readies for departure Japan’s Hayabusa probe misses return window, stranded at the Itokawa asteroid Ringlight on Saturn’s night side Enceladus confirmed as source for Saturn’s E ring Look … Continue reading

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