Another E-Endeavor

Several weeks ago, Nathan kindly invited me to be a regular contributor to Sollicitudo Rei Socialis.

As my Grand Experiment (refraining from comment on other blogs) is going so well, I thought I could spend some productive time on the net honing my writing craft and making a constructive contribution to Catholic e-thought.

I’ve learned or relearned some interesting things the past few weeks:
– Even though I’m gone, my favorite foils still think I’m posting under other names, mistaking people who disagree with them. Apparently, the whole Catholic world has seen the light and “dissenters” are so few and far between we have to multiply personalities like Eve. No such luck.
– I still get angry about little things. But inappropriate anger is really my own responsibility, not any other blogger’s.
– About three-fourths of the blogs I used to read and offer comment to don’t seem to be essential to my daily life. I may even have forgotten about a few of them.

Anyway, once I finish Optatam Totius, the decree on Priestly Training, I’ll be turning my attention to Gaudium et Spes, Vatican II’s Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. You’ll be seeing the posts both here and on SRS. There are over ninety sections in the document, and I expect I’ll be working well into Lent (at least) before I finish it.

Additionally, I asked Nathan and his co-editors, Susan Rose and Michelle to assign me topics to post there. CS is a rather random personal blog reflective of my jack-of-many-trades approach to life. If I’m going to appear elsewhere in print, it’s really better to give me some structure. I understand my special pieces for SRS will appear on the second and last Fridays of each month and will be in keeping with their stated purpose:

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis seeks to joyfully proclaim moderate, left of center, and nonpartisan social and political principles from the perspective of Catholic social thought, especially as defined by the pastoral constitution Gaudium et Spes and by the Holy Spirit speaking to us through tradition, scripture, and the sense of the faithful.

So go visit the SRS blog and keep coming back here.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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