OT 17-18: Teaching Methods and Specialized Training

A two for one post tonight. Optatam Totius 17 & 18. Starting with the first of these sections:

But since doctrinal training ought to tend not to a mere communication of ideas but to a true and intimate formation of the students, teaching methods are to be revised both as regards lectures, discussions, and seminars and also the development of study on the part of the students, whether done privately or in small groups. Unity and soundness of the entire training is carefully to be provided for by avoiding an excessive multiplication of courses and lectures and by the omission of those questions which scarcely retain any importance or which ought to be referred to higher academic studies.

And section 18:

It will be the bishops’ concern that young men suited by temperament, virtue, and ability be sent to special institutes faculties, or universities so that priests may be trained at a higher scientific level in the sacred sciences and in other fields which may be judged opportune. Thus they will be able to meet the various needs of the apostolate. The spiritual and pastoral training of these men, however, especially if they are not yet ordained as priests, is in no way to be neglected.

Not much to say of these logical statements. Anything from the commentariat?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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