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Titan With Haze

I thought it’d be nice to leave the site with another pretty face at the top of the posts. This image combines visible light filters with the UV portion of the spectrum to bring out the upper atmospheric haze, that … Continue reading

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Go, Go, Go, Joe

I notice on Amy‘s liturgy thread a commenter named Joe has been giving as good as he gets. Indeed, he’s already been painted as a heretic for daring to disagree with the Liturgical Echo Chamber that often passes itself off … Continue reading

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Optatam Totius: Concluding Our Look at the Formation of Clergy

Optatam Totius includes an unnumbered conclusion: The Fathers of this holy synod have pursued the work begun by the Council of Trent. While they confidently entrust to seminary administrators and teachers the task of forming the future priests of Christ … Continue reading

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OT 21: Continuing Education

Optatam Totius 21 shows the council bishops had their thinking caps on. They concede the degreed young priest is still a work in progress: Since priestly training, because of the circumstances particularly of contemporary society, must be pursued and perfected … Continue reading

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OT 20: More on the Pastoral Aims of Seminary Training

Optatam Totius 20 says it: They should also be taught to use the aids which the disciplines of pedagogy, psychology, and sociology can provide, according to correct methodology and the norms of ecclesiastical authority. The social sciences get a bad … Continue reading

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Figuring Things Out: It’s Why We Go Places

And if we happen to stumble across a little beauty, that’s a bonus. Check the Cassini link on the sidebar for more pics (usually B&W) and for the scientific details.

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