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This Game I Can Do Without

Major college bowl games: haven’t seen one yet, nor do I plan to. I’m not terribly interested in this system which attempts to pit the numbers one and two college teams against each other. Then it takes the next six … Continue reading

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Keeping Festival and Hoping to Avoid a Major Homicide To Boot

Actually, it’s quite boring to an outside observer. Each day, I’ve slept later, showered later, brushed my teeth later, and fixed the child’s breakfast later. But does it feel good to roam around the house in pajamas! I imagine it … Continue reading

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Hard vs Soft Science

Titled at the risk of getting some porn links, but what the hey … I lived in this mindset all the time in my college days. Most of my friends were “hard” science majors, like me: physics, engineering, biology, geology, … Continue reading

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