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Find the Planets

2006 guide to finding the planets in the sky. Mercury: Venus: Mars: Jupiter: Saturn: Uranus: Neptune: Needless to say, if your backyard telescope is seeing with this detail, invite me over; I’ll bring the food, the beer, and a fistful … Continue reading

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Telling the Story

Tough week for the child: switching beds from loft to floor (She misses getting tucked in.) meant everything in her “den” had to find a new place: closet, bed drawers, whatever. She had three shopping carts of things to donate … Continue reading

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Wise As Sheep

I seem to have been sucked into some political tide pool today. Have mercy. I was thinking about the PPC lament, “Why do those anti-Catholic bigots say we don’t care about anybody?” We have a problem with perception and PR … Continue reading

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More Fallout from Garrison vs the Pope

I’m taking Brigid’s good advice and limiting my posts to one* on other people’s blog threads, but I’m not above bringing a goodie back here to talk turkey on my own terms. An open book commenter mused: Todd: If I … Continue reading

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Desert Monks (for the End of the Year)

I haven’t had much internet access lately. I suppose, though, that I can give you one more post for the end of the year, which raises the frightening possibility of an “end of the year” post. I doubt that anyone … Continue reading

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“Dad, I’m Upside Down! Get Me Outta Here”

Dale reports an alarmingly familiar adventure. I remember my brother’s first visit to Iowa, long years ago, when the Bucs still inhabited the NFC Norris. Anita and I had just moved into our first home and my bro was in … Continue reading

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Poor Persecuted Catholics

Another great moniker to go along with SCGS … PPC It should really be titled Keillor versus Irate Catholic Listener, because I don’t really think this kind of give-and-take is on Benedict’s event horizon as pope. Painting Garrison Keillor as … Continue reading

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