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While The Cat’s Away

Christmas weekend, I was feeling very pleased that I had a good sacristan, a full set of liturgical ministers, and music all set for 8AM Mass. So much so, I treated myself to a Christmas morning (till 9AM anyway) of … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 3

The preface of GS concludes with a lengthier section attempting to answer the question “What does the Church have to say to the world?” Though (humankind) is stricken with wonder at its own discoveries and its power, it often raises … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Liturgy

Most people, I think, would suggest that the liturgy should be beautiful. In his post below, Todd wrote that all of us should “be joining on common ground to address the cultural factors that prevent us from living up to … Continue reading

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Bridging the Rift: How To and How Not To

Amy starts a discussion, but as my self-imposed limit is up on that thread, let me endorse Peter Nixon’s suggestions: remember Christ is at the center, pray more widely, read more widely, and study history. All too often, we seem … Continue reading

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Tethys Over Golden Saturn

I could not put down a story last night before bed. I’ve been taking this anthology slowly: The Hard SF Renaissance (reviewed here). It’s been a long time since I bothered with fiction outside the novels, but I’ve been missing … Continue reading

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Morals: Formation or Education? Seminarians or Bishops?

John Allen reports on the home front in this week’s NCR: a possible course correction in light of seminary visitations. But if moral theology has somehow been given short shrift, I’m not liking the perspective I read from some folks. … Continue reading

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