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A Minor Point on Excellence

Nearly all musicians I know have eclectic tastes, or are open to a wider variety of music than the average person. Speaking personally, I’ve not ever been much of a fan of what passes for country music. But I can … Continue reading

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Silence and the Liturgy

The current issue of Commonweal has a very interesting essay by Roger F. Repohl, director of music at Our Lady of Victory Church in the Bronx, about the importance of silence in the liturgy. The rubrics of the Roman Missal … Continue reading

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Bishops I’ve Known and Liked, Part 1

As John Heavrin has discovered, it’s probably not necessarily the ones you think it might be. Joseph Hogan succeeded Sheen as Bishop of Rochester. Sheen lobbied for a priest of the diocese to be appointed to succeed him. Or at … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 4

  Our look at Gaudium et Spes continues. The first three sections were a preface; the next seven cover a lengthy “introduction” assessing the “Situation of (People) in the Modern World.” To carry out such a task, the Church has … Continue reading

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Absolute Moral Truth: Who Do You Trust?

There was a reason why Rome was accorded spiritual honor in the early Church. It wasn’t necessarily because it was the first, because it was preceded in importance by the early Eastern patriarchates in Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Antioch. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Christus Mansionem Benedicat

No, not a new title for the blog. This post is about a good home tradition to employ. It’s the one time when you can let kids write on the walls. This is a quick version for you: Ingredients: Bible, … Continue reading

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Proclamation of the Date of Easter

If you’re not bothering with three “kings” bringing up gifts on Sunday, perhaps you’re ready to go with the proclamation of the date of Easter. Does anybody do this? Have you ever heard it done, and if so, how? Just … Continue reading

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We Three Kings

I have to admit I was a little nervous when they organized some “Magi” to bring up the gifts at tomorrow’s school Mass. But since it’s okay with the pope, I’m breathing easier. Our costumes aren’t as fancy.

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I had good intentions to post something on Elizabeth Ann Seton and John Neumann, but I opted to do a jigsaw puzzle and work on a short story last night instead. Good thing, too. Rock has an excellent piece on … Continue reading

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