A Minor Point on Excellence

Nearly all musicians I know have eclectic tastes, or are open to a wider variety of music than the average person.

Speaking personally, I’ve not ever been much of a fan of what passes for country music. But I can appreciate the musicianship of someone like Brad Paisley or the singing voice of LeAnn Rimes.

In our hand-wringing over the differences between the various musical divides, trust me: most musicians aren’t the obstacle. There’s a broad appreciation for excellent music among most musicians. Sure, there are people who never budge beyond choral and organ, or rock, or the blues, and refuse to hear anything outside of their comfort zone. Pity.

I think the broad sweep of Catholic worshippers would appreciate any excellence that comes their way. Despite not being a conservatory-trained musician, my personal tastes lie heavily in plainsong, the choral tradition, and in symphonic music. I see the applications of chamber music for guitar ensembles and I put them to use along with a jazz sensibility. I’d like to think the people I train and direct are better than the average band. That’s my goal, at any rate.

Getting better: that’s a common ground all church musicians should share and all of our parishioners would appreciate.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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