CS Protocol for Posting Other People’s Comments

Tony from Catholic Pillow Fight objected to my bringing a discussion from the side boxes to additional main posts.

I find it slightly unfair, that he posts his opinions on the front page, quoting me, and relegates my responses to the “classified ads”.

Long-time readers will tell you the practice is not unknown here. If I think something would make a good post, I’ll use it. Anything printed in a public forum: comment boxes here or elsewhere, especially when it deals with question of me, I’ll put out with a headline, as it were, if I feel like it. I’ve often extended the invitation for people who would like to discuss or debate in depth here on CS to e-mail me with their essay. I know the box limit is frustrating for some, and I would like to be fair if your point of view is … expansive.

E-mails and other private correspondence are considered private unless you tell me we can discuss the topic. Public writing is fair game unless you tell me otherwise.

I’ve stated my own willingness to step back from comment box posting. I post once and once only on threads elsewhere. I do it more often here than I probably should. Many bloggers post, then step back to watch the fur fly, intervening rarely or never. I admire that reserve and prefer to emulate that.

It’s my practice to post links and credits on everything I take from elsewhere. Sometimes I forget. But I don’t mind being corrected. If any person would prefer I not pull up their commentary from the boxes, I will certainly honor specific and general requests.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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