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Another Geography Puzzler

  Where is this? Hint #1: it has two namesakes in the northern hemisphere. Check the comment box for hint #2

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Guess the Isle

  In my dream vacation, about a week would be spent here, arriving by ferry in the north, renting a car, and taking some time to drive through the country, getting to the city marked in the lower right. I … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 5

Continuing our examination of the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, we find a report stating: Today’s spiritual agitation and the changing conditions of life are part of a broader and deeper revolution. As a result of … Continue reading

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Musical Epiphany and Creation

I link this site from Australian Public Radio on occasion, but musicians out there might want to check out For The God Who Sings this week. The first half includes a lot of Bach (and traditional-type church music) on Epiphany. … Continue reading

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The Washing of Feet

The January 2006 Pastoral Review has a very interesting article by the English Bishop Crispian Hollis that takes the form of a reflection on a recent Diocesan Pastoral Plan for his Diocese of Portsmouth. Here is an excerpt: I was … Continue reading

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Two Cents More

Don’t forget to add an extra two cents on your snail mail today. Just a reminder.

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The Middle Path of Renewal

Thus, today we can look with gratitude at the Second Vatican Council: If we interpret and implement it guided by a right hermeneutic, it can be and can become increasingly powerful for the ever necessary renewal of the Church. Benedict’s … Continue reading

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Benedict on Implementing Vatican II

(W)herever this (reform) interpretation guided the implementation of the Council, new life developed and new fruit ripened. Forty years after the Council, we can show that the positive is far greater and livelier than it appeared to be in the … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on Vatican II

The pope’s Advent address to the curia, here on Zenit, contains some gems: No one can deny that in vast areas of the Church the implementation of the Council has been somewhat difficult, even without wishing to apply to what … Continue reading

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More Puff Pieces on Bishops

I met Arthur O’Neill, Bishop of Rockford in the bass section at an RCIA workshop. I know little else but that his successor was not as well liked by the clergy. That could mean something, or not. A priest friend … Continue reading

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