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How to Listen to Others

(This is Neil.) This is my very belated (and inadequate) response to John Allen’s recent interview with Godspy. Allen lamented that American Catholics seem to be ideologically divided into insular “catholicisms.” “If they ever pop their heads up above the … Continue reading

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Favorite Conservative Liturgical Myths

There’s a war on Christmas. If anything, this looks like a Peter Sellers production of the Mouse That Roared. Isolated stories about changing the lyrics of “Silent Night” (why couldn’t they tackle O Holy Night) and hoisting up holiday trees … Continue reading

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Taming the Right Lions

Dale, you might want to weigh in on this, but a friend of mine suggests they send Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen to Africa to take care of this problem. Perhaps a trade might be arranged. I haven’t posted … Continue reading

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Deep Colors

Being colder than Jupiter (Saturn is almost twice as far from the sun as the other giant planet of our system) the colorful clouds (just like Jupiter’s) are much deeper in Saturn’s atmosphere–where it’s warmer. That’s one reason why color … Continue reading

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