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Silence and Humility

Humility seeks silence not in inactivity but in ordered activity, in the activity that is proper to our poverty and helplessness before God. Humility goes to pray and finds silence through words. But because it is natural for us to … Continue reading

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Chet Raymo mentions an astronomical fact: the sun spends more time in the constellation Ophiuchus than it does in Scorpio. My sun sign isn’t Sagittarius, but the healer/snakehandler. Topping that off, because of the wobble in earth’s orbit, the sun … Continue reading

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Pluto, Demoted?

I hope you sent in your vote. If not, Pluto’s fate as a “planet” will not be in your hands. Sometime in the next year or two, some official determination (not this one) will make a final assessment on Pluto’s … Continue reading

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Watched a movie last night with my wife. It was a better than average flick, with one howling lapse on the film editor and director’s part in a very important scene. A couple watches a sunset. It’s an important part … Continue reading

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