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Designs on Coins

Among the visitors, I know Dale is a coin collector. He and any other collectors reading might want to check out the web pages of Daniel Carr, a coin designer (New York, Rhode Island, and Maine state quarters). He includes … Continue reading

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Pampered Daughter

Brittany has a report on a saint of her choice. At first, she chose St Zechariah. ?! Right. Then she settled on Therese of Lisieux. One of the writing suggestions was, “Name someone who reminds you of this saint.” From … Continue reading

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Fear, Possession, or Acceptance

Tony responded below to the notion of the fear of death. I think this is a separate, though related issue to euthanasia. It’s simply that what God has granted, we don’t have the right to take, not even from ourselves. … Continue reading

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Papal Holy Week

Zenit has the full schedule here. As already reported on CS and elsewhere, it will include one innovation: form II Reconciliation at St Peter’s. According to Archbishop Piero Marini, master of papal liturgical celebrations, “Until the Renaissance, this was also … Continue reading

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An Abyss of Charity

Here is part of an article (not presently online) from the current Commonweal on the TaizĂ© community, written by the Most Reverend Peter A. Rosazza, auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese of Hartford: The first Roman Catholic joined TaizĂ© in 1966. … Continue reading

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Day 1 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

From the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute United through the presence of Christ (Ephesians 4:5, 6). Scripture Ezekiel 37:15-28, My dwelling place shall be with them. Psalm 67, Let the peoples praise you, O God. Ephesians 4:1-6, One Lord, one … Continue reading

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Bulging Disc

Does this image seem a little lopsided to you? It should. Saturn rotates a little more than twice each earth day. Over billions of years, it’s developed a bulge: the distance from pole to pole is about 10,000 miles less … Continue reading

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Skipping Over Euthanasia

Troublesome pronunciation at liturgy practice yesterday. My young 6th grade friend had a smooth solution with this prayer this morning: For a greater respect for life in the world, especially an end to abortion, human slavery, and euthanasia, we pray … Continue reading

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