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Gaudium et Spes 10

The lengthy introductory section of Gaudium et Spes concludes with this section. The truth is that the imbalances under which the modern world labors are linked with that more basic imbalance which is rooted in the heart(s) of (people). For … Continue reading

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On Being Prayed For

The following is from a sermon by the Baptist minister Keith Clements, then General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches, delivered in 2001 at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. It was reprinted in the Ecumenical Review 54 (2002): Being … Continue reading

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Day 2 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

And that’s what this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has to be about. If we don’t feel each other’s pain, in the church, between churches, or between individuals, we’ll get nowhere. If we don’t strive to seek reconciliation, despite … Continue reading

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