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Unusual Georgia Gold

Coin collectors know of them, but it’s been well over a century since this denomination was minted. So it’s not surprising it has faded from the American tribal memory. Feast your eyes: A gen-you-wine three dollar gold piece. You might … Continue reading

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Allen on Ecumenism, the Encyclical, ID, … Heck, a Lot of Stuff

The always-informative John Allen touches on a number of topics this week. The usual St Bloggers have already weighed in with posts on select portions, so I’m going to zero in on one of my ecclesiological pet peeves. Especially since … Continue reading

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A brief CNS spot on the return of the St Louis Jesuits to a collective effort. The sad reality of economics-driven music publishing as confessed by Roc O’Connor: We had been asked by the publishers before to put some music … Continue reading

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First off, I like the idea of an international tour for deacons and their wives. This Holy Land trip sounds like it would be a great experience. I’m passing the link to some of my friends. When I was a … Continue reading

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Receptive Ecumenism

Perhaps Rocco has already drawn your attention to the following story in this week’s Tablet, penned by Michael Hirst and Elena Curti about a recent colloquium at Durham University. The “Dr Murray” below is Paul Murray, lecturer in systematic theology … Continue reading

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Day 3 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Along the ecumenical path to unity, pride of place certainly belongs to common prayer, the prayerful union of those who gather together around Christ himself. If Christians, despite their divisions, can grow ever more united in common prayer around Christ, … Continue reading

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