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Three Questions

And answers, too, I hope. Francine asked me what actually very, very few people have asked me. I’m happy to reply. As a musician do you think that the music of the St. Louis Jesuits will live on, thereby becoming … Continue reading

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On Abortion

This weekend will mark the March for Life for 2006. Remembering that this is still the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Methodist bishop Timothy W. Whitaker said the following at the 2005 March: I used to think that … Continue reading

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Day 4 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Indeed, “because of the bond which unites us to one another in the Mystical Body, all of us, though not personally responsible and without encroaching on the judgement of God who alone knows every heart, bear the burden of the … Continue reading

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K-Stone for 25K

I can imagine the conversation now …”Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, Not a Geologist.“

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Glacier Debris on Mars?

Brown University scientist James Head thinks so. Several million years ago, Mars’ poles may have tilted toward the sun. Ice may have deposited near Mars’ enormous shield volcanoes, Olympus, Ascraeus, Pavonis, and Arsia. Today, we have only clues (shown in … Continue reading

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March For Life: Why Isn’t It News?

There are about 200 dioceses in the US. Every one that has a newspaper will make it front page news. The Republican “pro-life” president didn’t show up last year, nor will he this year. He can make speeches to crowds … Continue reading

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