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Gaudium et Spes 12

Gaudium et Spes Part I, Chapter I is titled, “The Dignity Of The Human Person” and runs for eleven sections. I’ll transcribe the full footnote into the text, for your convenience. According to the almost unanimous opinion of believers and … Continue reading

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Eros and Agape

Like many of you, I’m reading Pope Benedict’s encyclical, a process that will take quite a while. After the conclusion of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, I’ll reduce my posting here to a level more appropriate to both … Continue reading

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Jesuit Conspiracy Debunked; Conservatives Pout

I confess. In the past, I would have multiple-posted on Mark Mossa’s thread taking Richard John Neuhaus to the whippin’ shed for a surprisingly dim attempt at conspiracy theory. Neuhaus responds today on his blog: Reacting to the same item … Continue reading

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Day 8 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The passage chosen this year is taken from chapter 18 of Matthew’s Gospel, which refers to some of the teachings of Jesus that affect the community of disciples. Among other things, it affirms: “If two of you agree on earth … Continue reading

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AFC Superiority?

When the big game comes along, I like to ponder the pedigree of the teams involved. Were they part of the original league? Expansion teams? Formerly in another city? This weekend I was thinking about the four NFL finalists, the … Continue reading

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Saturn as seen from Cassini yesterday. Distance about 1.8 million miles. If you want to get a sense of what the planet would look like with the unaided eye (but hopefully protected behind a porthole of some kind) lean back … Continue reading

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The Encyclical

Go here, if you care to read it. See you in the library.

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