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Pope Benedict on Annulments

Zenit gives you the basic elements of his address. One thought from it: The question of marital annulment arouses much interest, since “for many faithful, the possibility to receive Eucharistic Communion” depends on ecclesiastical decisions, said the Pope. The Eucharist, … Continue reading

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The Gift of People

This is from the Very Rev John Breck’s current “Life in Christ” column. I’ve taken the liberty of placing one of his paragraphs in italics. Don’t we recognize ourselves in it? One of the most influential people in my life … Continue reading

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What If You Can’t or Won’t Sing?

John asks some good questions below. Do you really think that Vatican II’s call for greater active participation in the Mass was a call to turn every Mass attendent into a performer? I get squeamish about the word “performer.” “Participant” … Continue reading

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Stalking Wisdom

Sirach 14:20-21 begins a reflection on “the search for wisdom:” Happy the man who meditates on wisdom, and reflects on knowledge; Who ponders her ways in his heart, and understands her paths; But then it gets a tad creepy (22-24): … Continue reading

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Modelling Good Ensembles

One of my favorite concerts of 2005, indeed of my life, was seeing Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers performed last Fall.Two musicians to be emulated by anyone attempting to piece together a church ensemble. Or any kind of band, really: Claudio and … Continue reading

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Book of the Chair

The diocesan vicar general has asked me to procure a Sacramentary with opening and post-communion prayers only. The usual suspects are no longer printing them. Or selling them. In lieu of watching eBay daily, anybody out there have a spare … Continue reading

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Reading Along: Thumbs Up or Down?

A Dominican priest weighs in on the missalette controversy. This guy proves yet again that it is impossible to peg people as exclusively liberal or conservative. Twenty years ago, I came down solidly in the anti-missalette crowd. But today, I … Continue reading

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Catholic Schools

A US/UK/Australia snapshot of Catholic schools at Zenit. While we’re on the topic of Catholic Schools, don’t forget the thread below asking about your parish experiences of the weekend. Or just use this one. In my experience, the school often … Continue reading

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