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Thomas Merton and Islam

A turning point in Massignon’s life and the onset of his personal relationship with Islam began at the approach of dawn on May 3, 1908. While being held prisoner aboard a steamship on the Tigris River, accused of being a … Continue reading

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Art of Space

Web page for artist Lynette Cook. She and author Ray Villard collaborated on an excellent book, Infinite Worlds. This book and others noted here.

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Listen for Ivan

An old suit will tell you, if you can tune into FM frequency 145.990 MHz. Don’t worry, it’s stuffed with dirty laundry and a radio transmitter; no dead body. Just don’t tell your mom about the laundry.

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Awards: Real Honors or Self-Congratulatory?

Official nominees will be announced in a few hours. As the older sister said in one of my daughter’s favorite movies, “Let me find a container for my joy.” Only in its third year, this award has already been tainted … Continue reading

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More Armchair Liturgist

Here’s another liturgical dilemma for those ready to graduate from concerns of crystal vs gold or performance vs participation. It’s the dreaded “theme” weekend. You know: Vocations awareness, Pro-Life Sunday, Black History Month–the non-liturgical element gatecrashing the Eucharist. I received … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 15

The fifteenth section of Gaudium et Spes begins: (Human beings judge) rightly that by (their) intellect (they surpass) the material universe, for (they share) in the light of the divine mind. By relentlessly employing (their) talents through the ages (they … Continue reading

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