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Jagged Expectations and Smooth Operators

  Even non-astronomical folks can get in on this discussion. Perhaps you remember this scene from the original Star Wars trilogy: Han and Leia run away to a nearby asteroid field to avoid capture by the Empire. Lots of jagged, … Continue reading

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Immigration and the Holy Family

It’s not a blasphemous connection. Dom and some of his commentariat are up in a lather about what some Texan priest said. For one thing, the Holy Family was fleeing an attempt on Jesus’ life by Herod at God’s command, … Continue reading

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I’m Glad I Didn’t Hold My Breath

CyberCatholics are still working out the bugs in the St Blog awards. You have till Friday to start voting. In lieu of voting, nominating, or doing any such similar thing, let me commend my entire blogroll off to the left … Continue reading

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Behe Doesn’t Get It

But he’s trying. I haven’t gotten involved much lately in the discussion about evolution, ID and creationism. Let me wet my toe in it today. Michael Behe, ID proponent relates his wife’s experience in 7th grade: ” … a Holy … Continue reading

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Catholicism at the Olympics

CNS has a short piece on the upcoming Winter Games in Torino, Italy. The shroud will not be on display for Olympians and fans. But some athletes have forged a spiritual connection as they make their way to competition: Rebecca … Continue reading

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Liturgy Q&A From Rome

Zenit’s liturgy column treats two topics this week: the use of altars in Catholic churches by non-Catholic groups and the proper wearing of the stole. The quick answers: if a bishop says so, and under the chasuble. For more details, … Continue reading

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No Reconciliation In Sight

Call off the tossing of birettas and head veils into the air. Schism’s still on. As far as I can tell, it was only one single news story, very speculative. If only more Catholics would be as excited about reunion … Continue reading

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