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SSPX: Wanderers or Team Players?

Rock has some news from Rome on the SSPX reunification affair–at least two posts as of lunchtime today. We’ve heard a lot recently about what the LeFebvre schismatics want from Roman Catholics. These, in turn, were presented as items Rome … Continue reading

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Fan Clubs

First Cardinal Ratzinger, now Cardinal George. I have little to say about the upset in Chicago. I’m not surprised that our bishops aren’t getting things 100% right. They could hardly be expected to produce a clergy with a 100% spotless … Continue reading

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Zenit reports on Church closings reported in La Paz, Mexico. Masses only. No open doors, no bell ringing until next month. Not diocesan reorganization, but vandalism.

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A CS reader from Rome sent this beautiful 2 Euro coin and a nice letter. I did not know that in 2004 the EU granted its member nations the privilege of minting commemorative coins for circulation (like our American 50 … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 17

GS 17 comments on the quest for goodness: Only in freedom can (people direct themselves) toward goodness. … and notes how freedom is easily corrupted: Our contemporaries make much of this freedom and pursue it eagerly; and rightly to be … Continue reading

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