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Danger, Will Robinson

With the space shuttle, the most dangerous times for astronauts have been liftoff and reentry. As we look to longer stays for humans on the moon and Mars, other life-threatening scenarios are possible. Like dust. I was reading in Astronomy … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 18

Death: the inevitable mystery and our reaction to it provides the meat of the material of Gaudium et Spes 18 It is in the face of death that the riddle a human existence grows most acute. Not only is (a … Continue reading

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Instrumentation at Liturgy

Chris Yeo of The Threshhold of Hope asked: Should drums, pianos and guitars be allowed in mass worship, or should the pipe organ be the only one that is allowed? Br Lawrence of The New Liturgical Movement responded. There are … Continue reading

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Vote Early, So You Can Vote Often

“To keep voting fair, each person will receive one vote every 24 hours.” Go vote for the People’s Choice Awards. Then as Steely Dan suggests, “You go back, Jack, do it again.” They nominated my friend Lee, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Twenty Cents

For most of US history the easiest way to assemble it was two dimes. But in the mid-1870’s, a curious thing was happening in the West. The Treasury Department put the silver half-dime into retirement in 1873, just seven years … Continue reading

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