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Belief and unbelief

The following comes from the English version of the 2006 JH Walgrave Lecture at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, recently given by Msgr Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto (you can read the Italian here). It is entitled, “Theological Foundations of Dialogue … Continue reading

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The Inner Struggle: Learning from John Wesley

Last week, we read about Antony’s “terrifying struggle in solitude, his reduction to a condition of utter helplessness.” Only afterwards was Antony able to emerge with a love capable of “holding everything and everyone.” Matthias Grünewald’s portrayal of Antony’s temptation … Continue reading

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Category S, for Saturn

This storm reported by Cassini scientists would stretch from Texas to Maine. Here’s a link for a podcast of the Saturnian lightning. The beginning of Psalm 29 (except for the “waters;” Saturn has no liquid water oceans) seems appropriate: Give … Continue reading

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On Eagles’ Wings

Pat yourselves on the back, you silly liberal environmentalists. Our bird friend’s back. Of course, that means that thirtieth century Catholics might actually know what the song is about. Just keep Dick Cheney away from them, okay?

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Guilty Pleasure

I confess the one aspect of the Catholic Blog Awards I do like: checking the links for good blogs I’ve missed. I think Josh should do the blogosphere a favor and once he gets his voting mechanisms figured out and … Continue reading

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What George Could Do

Lots of talk around the blogosphere about Cardinal George and what people think he should do. It runs the usual gamut between resign and keep his hopes up in the face of nasty, liberal persecution. I found a sensible statement … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate Me Because …

Wasn’t that a shampoo or cosmetics commercial? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful? rocky mountain woman at Busted Halo suggests: Stop condemning Catholics, like myself, who voted for Bush because of his strong stand against abortion. Condemn? Hate? Not me. … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist, part 4

Here’s a request that came my way: N___ is a little boy from nearby St __________ Parish. He has bacterial meningitis and is seriously ill. He needs all the prayers he can get. Could you include his name in the … Continue reading

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