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Even More on Reconciliation: Confession as Healing

Todd has wisely directed us to the topic of reconciliation. I have learned a great deal from a lecture by the Orthodox Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia, delivered at a retreat in Vézelay in 1999. He gives us three reasons for … Continue reading

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Liturgy, Beauty, Beholder’s Eye, etc.

The New Liturgical Movement blog has a post on “Beauty is of the Essence of Liturgy,” reprinted from the Fruit of Contemplation blog. Natch, I had to put in my two cents’ worth. Shawn from NLM responded to my post: … Continue reading

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The Mystery Worshipper Strikes Again

Just discovered this feature. I like it. MW went to a 6:30 PM holy day Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan. No music. Maybe the tourists want it non-musical or something, but a cathedral church that can’t muster … Continue reading

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Freak of Nature? I Think Not.

More evidence that Upstate New York is not a normal kind of place: icicles don’t point down. Wind blown ice forms on a decorative light house along Lake Erie in Hamburg, N.Y., Friday, Feb. 17, 2006. Winds gusting up to … Continue reading

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Pax Liturgica

“(T)he Catholic Church continues convinced that, to foster peace and understanding between peoples and men, it is necessary and urgent that religions and their symbols be respected,” the Pope said today. Overheard: Lib: Drat! No more making fun of ground-dragging … Continue reading

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Yet More On Reconciliation

This time from Rome. Zenit has been publishing Chieti-Vasto Archbishop Bruno Forte’s pastoral letter on “Reconciliation and the Beauty of God.” Part three is here, and the other sections are easily reviewed: Part 1 Part 2 More to follow.

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Armchair Liturgist Part 5

  Here’s a good one for you. The parish has just begun First Friday 24-hour adoration in the church. Lent is coming up. The parish traditionally offers stations of the cross Fridays during the season at 6PM. Do you: 1. … Continue reading

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