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Desert Monks II

The beginning was hard for me. When I read the Life of Antony during the first month of my novitiate I hated it. The demonology seemed na├»ve and embarrassing. We were not given much help in understanding the spiritual depth … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 20

Gaudium et Spes continues its analysis of atheism: Modern atheism often takes on a systematic expression which, in addition to other causes, stretches the desires for human independence to such a point that it poses difficulties against any kind of … Continue reading

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Prayer That Can Be Born Only in Silence

In Fr John Garvey’s regular column in the current Commonweal (alas, not online), the Orthodox priest writes that, after many years of busy parish ministry, he now has a good deal of time to read and write and be alone. … Continue reading

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Mark Shea can be a snappy writer sometimes. But occasionally, he’s just clueless. And not enjoyable. Like this headline: 16 States Have Citizens Sensible Enough to Think that Experimenting on Children with Gay Adoption is a Bad Idea 34 States … Continue reading

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Who Speaks For Religious Orders?

I saw Archbishop Rode’s comments on religious the other day. I almost commented on it, but I often ask myself, “Why would I?” I’m not a vowed religious. I’m not a formal associate of an order. One of CNS’s paraphrases: … Continue reading

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Pluto Makes a Case for Planethood

Not even the sun’s inner planets have rings. It seems Pluto may have them, according to a research team from the Southwest Research Institute. Not even the solar system’s inner planets (all much larger than Pluto) have rings. The controversy … Continue reading

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