Mark Shea can be a snappy writer sometimes. But occasionally, he’s just clueless. And not enjoyable. Like this headline:

16 States Have Citizens Sensible Enough to Think that Experimenting on Children with Gay Adoption is a Bad Idea

34 States say, “Hey! What could it hurt?”

If only the question centered on those nasty gays stealing children from nice, well-mannered, suburban straight couples.

Thing is, that about 127,000 kids are waiting to be adopted. Right now. No legal entanglements. No stalking birth parents. No overseas trips. No foreign red tape. C’mon people, pony up in line.

There’s about three to four times as many kids in foster care.

If the hierarchy wants to make determinations about the moral quality of prospective parents when overseeing the adoption of children, that is within their privilege. But unless 127,000 kids start disappearing off the adoption rolls next week, protests against gay people adopting children will fall under one of two categories:

– ignorance of the adoption need in the US

– immorality in promoting the abandonment of parentless children

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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