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Using and Knowing Your Bibles

There’s concern in the cafeteria that Americans are getting cheated on Bible translations. Well, no. No wonder EWTN uses the Ignatius (=RSV Catholic Edition) Bible instead of the bland NAB. Well, at least it goes with the equally bland, flawed … Continue reading

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St Basil on War and Repentance

I am sure that we are all praying for the Middle East, especially in the aftermath of the destruction of the Askariyah shrine in Samarra. During the past few years, I’ve posted a few times about reconsiderations of just war … Continue reading

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Celebrate us! (At the risk of not sounding sufficiently theocentric.) My bishop columnizes about our diocese’s jubilee. It’s an unusual one, in that 1956 saw the merger of two 19th century sees, Kansas City and St Joseph. I pray that … Continue reading

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Friday, Beer, and Beef

Rock on “Indult.” And no, it’s not what you think. Check out his web site–I go daily. His recent posts gently noting various inconsistencies and fumbles on the Catholic Right have him labelled as a “progressive” and a “liberal” in … Continue reading

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