The Eve of Lent

Heading off to Des Moines for the day: meeting my brother Lynn for a hockey game, a nice meal, and some hanging out, in reverse order. It’s just about a 200-mile drive from the house. I’m looking forward to a double treat–the time with my brother and the quiet of the drive to help get me ready for Lent.

I’ve had many good Lents. 1970, the months before I was baptized; 1988, my last one in my hometown; 1986, the one I began at Madonna House in Combermere, Ontario; a few I lived in Iowa.

I got over my long-held apprehension by looking at it (at my dear wife’s suggestion) as one of those retreats I love to go on. When I’m off at a monastery or retreat center, it’s not so excruciating to give up internet, tv, desserts, staying up late, etc. and giving in to quiet time, prayer, and reflection.

Somebody in the St Blog’s commentariat (can’t remember who) had an outstanding suggestion for Lent: getting up at the sound of the alarm. No snooze button. No lazing in bed. That seems like a perfect way to start a Lenten day. We’ll see if I can manage it tomorrow on the heels of that three-hour drive home from the game, heading into 6:15AM Mass at the parish.

Let’s keep one another in prayer today, eh?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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