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Latin: Having and Desiring

Go here for an illustrative discussion on Latin, liturgy, and the last two (or three) Roman Missals. It’s long been my contention that the single biggest human factor in making great liturgy (by almost any definition you choose) is the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Chrism Mass

When’s your Chrism Mass? Have you ever gone to it? Has your parish church ever hosted it? Dioceses are all over the map on this one. Traditionally, it’s scheduled for Holy Thursday morning. But my experiences have been all over … Continue reading

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Bushies At Work

Leave it to political mucky-mucks to muck up the public face of the government-science interface. Some sanity returns with a new NASA policy. “Scientific and technical information from or about (space) agency programs and projects will be accurate and unfiltered,” … Continue reading

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Abuse Audit Misfires

Other bloggers are commenting today. I’m not even going to bother reading it. Why? It leaves out one category I wish they would monitor: Bishops Who Don’t Get It Clergy have physically, emotionally, and sexually abused children for hundreds of … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist: Palms and Processions

It’s coming up in nine or ten days. How would you handle the three options for Palm Sunday? There’s the big procession, preferably done at one of your Masses. Would you do it at the Saturday Mass, or at the … Continue reading

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What Bruce Springsteen Learned From Flannery O’Connor

Tonight we’ll sing the songs And I’ll dream of you, my corazón And tomorrow my heart will be strong; And may the saints’ blessings and grace Carry me safely into your arms There across the border. For what are we … Continue reading

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More Glory: Propeller-Shaped Structures in Saturn’s Rings

Scientists have found evidence for small moonlets within Saturn’s rings. The moons, estimated to be about 300 feet in diameter, are as yet unseen, but they produce strange propeller-shaped disturbances in the ring matrix. First estimates suggest there could be … Continue reading

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Total Eclipse

  “God is great, this shows the greatness of God,” Nana Appah exclaimed as she joined the crowds on Ghana’s Cape Coast beach. “This shows the greatness of nature. It is very, very beautiful. I’ve never experienced anything like this … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Saints’ Names

Your DRE or RCIA director hands you the final list of the elect and candidates for baptism and full communion at the Easter Vigil. How many of these do you let pass to put into the Litany of Saints? Which … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Addresses Baptist Pastors

  Rock updates us on doings in Detroit. Amy will let you comment on it on open book. Catch the original article here with the secular media.     I find it interesting that another Detroit bishop was recently up … Continue reading

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Is There any Possibility for Light or for Joy?

I hope that you don’t mind my posting so many excerpts. It seems to me that this sort of thing, given my limitations, might be the best service that I can render. The BBC has recorded a series of Lent … Continue reading

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Early Music

The Tallis Scholars are coming to town. I’ve already got my tickets; what about you? The 2006-07 chamber music series has already been announced. Our hard-to-please local music critic approves: Who knows how they pull it off every year on … Continue reading

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According to Coyne

George Coyne, SJ, head of the Vatican Observatory, that is: Intelligent design is a religious movement based on fear that if you don’t teach an alternative to evolution, we will have a lot of little atheists running around. CNS link … Continue reading

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What is Repentance?

Here are a few rather helpful paragraphs from the Rt. Rev. John-David Schofield, Episcopal Bishop of San Joaquin (hat tip: Lent & Beyond): But what IS repentance? Here, at the beginning of Lent this movement of the soul is a … Continue reading

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Sacrilege Shutdown

Archbishop cites sacrilege for immediate closing of a NO church. CNS has the brief. Local news coverage here. Archbishop Alfred Hughes, during a news conference, said he had no choice but to close St. Augustine Church because protesters had desecrated … Continue reading

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