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Twenty in Four

Jason McElwain said, “I ended my career on the right note. I was really hotter than a pistol!” Pete Maravich, move over. Great sports story from my hometown. Nice piece on the kid who shot the video. This is what … Continue reading

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Lenten Policy at Catholic Sensibility

Just so you know, the plan is that my prayer life this Lent takes priority over the blog. That said, I’ll be posting about as much as I have been: about four to six times a day. I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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Sung Daily Liturgy

Rock likes it. I wish my parish had it. Maybe some day. I’ve often thought that if I were in charge of Catholic education of children, there would be liturgy every day, school music would focus on liturgical, with some … Continue reading

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Counting Forty Days

The official count is from the First Sunday of Lent (day #1) to sunset on Holy Thursday (day #40). Somewhere in the Middle Ages, it was found that if you subtract the Sundays, stretch it to Ash Wednesday and Holy … Continue reading

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Atmosphere Makes All the Difference

Cassini captured this image of Tethys (left) and Titan (right) about six weeks ago. On the left, an airless ball, like our moon. Note the difference an atmosphere makes: the cloud layers of the orange moon ring our view of … Continue reading

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Lent, Day One

A good one so far. As I finish up with our four liturgies today, some general reflections on th eLenten landscape: pastoral, practical, and spiritual: Rock asks if we’re buying or burning. This was the first time in at least … Continue reading

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Lent is a Gift

The following excerpt is from a very beautiful sermon delivered by the Orthodox priest Alexander Schmemann to the community at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary in 1983: So many people under various influences have come to think of Lent as a … Continue reading

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