Lenten Policy at Catholic Sensibility

Just so you know, the plan is that my prayer life this Lent takes priority over the blog. That said, I’ll be posting about as much as I have been: about four to six times a day. I’m hoping to begin daily reflections by Sunday, the liturgical beginning of Lent.

Obviously, anything Neil posts will be appropriate and edifying, so I hope his activity here doesn’t drop off too much. As always, I would be open to posting essays by anyone who has something sensible to add to this blog. Liam, of course, knows he can send me a post or join the CS team anytime he wishes.

Personally, I think I’ll be reading fewer blogs this Lent, especially the more contentious ones. I’m finding that I’d prefer to comment on church and liturgy news directly and not get something second-hand from somewhere else. So if I do happen to read something on your site, I probably won’t be adding my two cents’ worth.

I highly recommend you click anywhere on the blogroll to the left over there. Their ideological commentary is not necessarily congruent to mine, but I think we do all share one common trait, which I hope is true of every reader: to observe, celebrate, and live the very best Lent possible. If we can assist each other to do so, then we will have done well by the time of Easter.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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