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Lenten Practices: How Public, How Private?

A question I’ve always wrestled with. When I was a boy, it was fairly difficult to hide my eating sacrifices from my mother, who looked after our diets like … well, a mother. One Lent I attempted to refrain from … Continue reading

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How to be a Bad Ascetic

I don’t mean to be negative here. A previous post, drawing from Fr Robert Taft, did explain that asceticism has a positive, humanistic, and even joyful meaning: we die to self to live for Christ and the total Christ which … Continue reading

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Bishop Finn on Lent

My bishop on Lent in his media column this week. Speaking of various practices of penance and discipline, they “will hardly hurt us and may help us gain a new perspective – ultimately a closer, more loving attention to those … Continue reading

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Capybara: Good Lenten Eats?

I don’t know if capybara is a dietary option for any of you, but in Venezuela, one may eat meat from the world’s largest species of rodent on Lenten Fridays. From the Capybara Page: According to Emilio Herrera, a biologist … Continue reading

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Best of 2005 SF

Best science fiction of 2005, as chosen by the contributors to the sf site. I’ve read about a third of these books. The others are often very hard to find in print in the US or in libraries. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Huygens Would Be Proud: Titan and Rings

From the Cassini web site: Titan’s smoggy atmosphere glows brilliantly in scattered sunlight, creating a thin, gleaming crescent beyond Saturn’s rings. At this slight angle above the ringplane, the thin F ring shines brightly. Light from Titan’s eastern and western … Continue reading

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New Realms and Roles

From the pope’s meeting with diocesan priests from Rome, via Zenit: (T)he Holy Father also replied to a priest’s question about the role of women in the Church. “The priesthood is a sacrament, not a power of which the Church … Continue reading

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