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Kiwa Hirsuta

A new species of crustacean. Its legs are covered with hair-like strands. What can we say about it; blondes have more fun? But 7500 feet deep in the South Pacific? Not much of a beach bunny, is she?

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Good Lenten Posture for all Mammals

My brother sends this, a shot of his grandson: Now that’s a praying household when the pet gets into the act. At our home, the best to which we can attest is the “liturgical dance” our dog does when it’s … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, Repentance, and Freedom

We’ve already discussed how the ascetic aspect of Lent, although it might seem to be a burden, is really about freedom. As Raimundo Panikkar once wrote, “True asceticism begins by eliminating the fear of losing what can be lost. The … Continue reading

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Ugly Quotient

I suppose the ideal number for it is zero. Not that most of us (note: first person plural) achieve it. Maybe it’s something like absolute zero in physics. We can never get to the state, because it would imply the … Continue reading

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