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He Said, She Said … Nope: He Said

The inclusive language debate slays me. Really. Just a few days ago, someone commented about changing Jesus’ words. Something along the lines of the problem with changing the Gospels was that we’re losing Jesus’ words and that would be terrible. … Continue reading

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Changed from Glory to Glory

One of the problems we might have to confront this Lent is our perception of the “way things are.” Our language for describing the inevitability of sinfulness in our lives – whether Darwinian, Freudian, or drawn from the world of … Continue reading

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Mars Awaits

NASA at Mars since 1990: now batting .600. MRO bucks the recent trend by getting its metric/English conversion tables right from the beginning. I never bought the story about that mix-up, by the way. Too conveniently did it place the … Continue reading

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Egg, Face, VOTF: You Put It Together

It won’t be a pretty omelette. Question: Is VOTF next going to ask that members burn their Bernardin books now that the pedigree of the Skylstad claim has been made public? Oops. Um, Bernardin was cleared and the charges were … Continue reading

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Hurting the Cause

A bit more careful editing, please. I have to admit that I didn’t get grammar until I began taking Latin in high school. Then when I studied German in high school and college, I really began to understand it. So … Continue reading

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