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The Doctor is Back

Loved the new series. My wife had never heard of it. It’s on the SciFi channel Friday nights. Now I have something to look forward to watching on tv. Advertisements

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More on Participation: Actual, Active, or Imagined

Liturgy always brings out a vigorous discussion. I do think it’s important to sort out sensible arguments from the flimsy ones. In response to Tony, I think that the post-conciliar Church is likely not to be particularly more feeble in … Continue reading

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Does God Need Us?

The current “Life in Christ” column is beautifully written by Archpriest Michel Evdokimov, son of the late theologian Paul Evdokimov, and asks whether we can say that God needs us. In an earlier post, we saw Miroslav Volf drawing on … Continue reading

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Participation of Whom?

Father Philip raises a good point in his post below. Like many conservatives, I think he’s mischaracterized the progressive approach to full, conscious and active participation. In my post, I alluded to “conservative problems” with this Vatican II theme, which … Continue reading

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