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What Does A Believer Look Like?

The comment threads on recent Gaudium et Spes posts got me thinking. I’m surprised that a generally positive document in which the Church attempts to dialogue with the world at large garners so much consternation. I could take a great … Continue reading

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Addwaitya, RIP

He looked pretty good for being born during the French-and-Indian War. Died of liver failure a few days ago. If only General Clive hadn’t fed him that imported British booze. More healthful living and maybe some yoga and Addwaitya might’ve … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men

German scientists may have breakthrough on the ethical impasse on embryonic stem-cell research. My cynical side still tells me ESCR is about corporate profits more than profitable research. Time will tell.

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First Returns From Mars

MRO sends back test images from Planet 4. See the bitty box on the lower right? Magnification factor twelve, Mr Spock. Mars may not be big on moons or ice, but it sure has interesting geology.

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Rash, Not Diaper

Fr Tucker reports on traditantrums in northern Virginia and the blogdom: I think it’s totally disproportionate and exaggerated that out of the mountain of emails I’ve received on the Diocese’s two new permissions, almost all of them have to do … Continue reading

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127,000 Still Waiting

Zenit interviews a priest of the Fall River diocese. It’s a good concise history of the issue, not terribly biased. In responding to the question, “Are the laity rising up to defend the Church?” Father Landry raises a challenge of … Continue reading

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Three For The Show

We saw a good production of my daughter’s favorite musical last night. I find that as I get older I can more easily enjoy youth theatre. We saw the local high school do a very satisfying stage version of The … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 37

Gaudium et Spes 37 discusses the shadow side of progress: Sacred Scripture teaches the human family what the experience of the ages confirms: that while human progress is a great advantage to man, it brings with it a strong temptation. … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 36

Gaudium et Spes 36 addresses the common fear that the Church is an agent for the stifling of the human spirit as opposed to a supporter of human endeavor: Now many of our contemporaries seem to fear that a closer … Continue reading

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