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Early Music

The Tallis Scholars are coming to town. I’ve already got my tickets; what about you? The 2006-07 chamber music series has already been announced. Our hard-to-please local music critic approves: Who knows how they pull it off every year on … Continue reading

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According to Coyne

George Coyne, SJ, head of the Vatican Observatory, that is: Intelligent design is a religious movement based on fear that if you don’t teach an alternative to evolution, we will have a lot of little atheists running around. CNS link … Continue reading

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What is Repentance?

Here are a few rather helpful paragraphs from the Rt. Rev. John-David Schofield, Episcopal Bishop of San Joaquin (hat tip: Lent & Beyond): But what IS repentance? Here, at the beginning of Lent this movement of the soul is a … Continue reading

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Sacrilege Shutdown

Archbishop cites sacrilege for immediate closing of a NO church. CNS has the brief. Local news coverage here. Archbishop Alfred Hughes, during a news conference, said he had no choice but to close St. Augustine Church because protesters had desecrated … Continue reading

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British Invasion: The Passion

From CNS, a Passion based on contemporary rock songs: “Our approach is to say that if it gets people interested in the Passion and Resurrection, it sounds positive to us,” said Father Michael Walsh, communications officer for the Salford Diocese. … Continue reading

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Fast For Iraq

Something worth considering. Zenit reports on Chaldean Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly’s call for two days of fasting and prayer for peace in Iraq. “We have estranged ourselves from God by our deeds, we do not obey his will, and we … Continue reading

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Where To Send A Child?

Many adoptions are made by family members. When Anita and I were in classes and going to workshops, we met a few folks who were adopting their grandchildren. Social workers look favorably on this. It can leave open the possibility … Continue reading

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