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More Glory: Propeller-Shaped Structures in Saturn’s Rings

Scientists have found evidence for small moonlets within Saturn’s rings. The moons, estimated to be about 300 feet in diameter, are as yet unseen, but they produce strange propeller-shaped disturbances in the ring matrix. First estimates suggest there could be … Continue reading

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Total Eclipse

  “God is great, this shows the greatness of God,” Nana Appah exclaimed as she joined the crowds on Ghana’s Cape Coast beach. “This shows the greatness of nature. It is very, very beautiful. I’ve never experienced anything like this … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Saints’ Names

Your DRE or RCIA director hands you the final list of the elect and candidates for baptism and full communion at the Easter Vigil. How many of these do you let pass to put into the Litany of Saints? Which … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Addresses Baptist Pastors

  Rock updates us on doings in Detroit. Amy will let you comment on it on open book. Catch the original article here with the secular media.     I find it interesting that another Detroit bishop was recently up … Continue reading

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Is There any Possibility for Light or for Joy?

I hope that you don’t mind my posting so many excerpts. It seems to me that this sort of thing, given my limitations, might be the best service that I can render. The BBC has recorded a series of Lent … Continue reading

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